Vyusal Rain


Vysual Rain"Vyusal Rain's work is compelling to enjoy because he masterfully creates landscapes and other images in a seemingly naive and nostalgic way. However, upon further inspection, the viewer grows to appreciate the skill and patience needed to create the rich color variations and profound textures included within the paintings. To appreciate one of Rain's paintings, is to revisit a place we once loved as children."


Elizabeth "Liz" Rasking, Owner of The Dream Factory Gallery
(Frankfurt , Germany 2013)


"You are talented! Fruitful! I believed in you as in the artist that you will look for yourself, your own way in this field and wasn't mistaken! At the meeting (2010) and the first time (2009) in the site, when saw your works, I understood at once! I don't know by what it sence was defined, but exactly was defined! The works became more decorative .... Magnificent in the color, as well as plastic and composition! To that I am glad for you! Your friend and colleague Vladimir Karnachev."


(Rostov on Don , Russia 2013)


Painting for me everything , painting is something from which one I can never and i will be never able to refuse. My painting is an ''honest'' painting. I paint what I love and appreciate. I paint different objects, houses, as I would like to see them. Although they are the same as I paint  them ... you just need to appreciate and love the world. Then you will see how colorful our world. That the sky can be yellow or orange, the sun is huge, the old houses at he seaside can be more beautiful than the five-star hotels or villas. I call things by their proper names. I give the artworks usual titels.What are you see in a work - the same words I call a work. For me all beauty in simplicity of things, and beauty around us. Beauty in everywhere even on the grass, in the sand, on the water, on roofs of houses, absolutely in everywhere. Just people are always looking for a miracle. And it is necessary to understand only: the people themselves is miracle and the whole world is wonderful.When I paint the green grass - I think, how I love the smell of the grass after the rain, and when I paint the yellow sand and the blue sea, then I start to think how Absheron peninsula is native. In my works all subjects are rounded lines, I do it specially to allocate each separate simple subject that the viewer pay attention to beauty of all subjects. With works I try to give gladness and love.The people fell in love with our world such as it was created beautifully by God.And not looking for the beauty in inanimate things which were created by robotic machines or the people who have become robots. 


Vyusal Rain (2013)